People ask about “cerebral Palsy”

What are the causes of cerebral palsy? The causes of cerebral palsy include prematurity, genetic disorders, strokes, and infection of the brain. Taking certain precautions during the pregnancy might decrease the risk of cerebral palsy. Asphyxia, the lack of oxygen to the brain, at birth is not as common a cause of cerebral palsy as had been thought. Can you cure cerebral palsy? The brain damage that leads to cerebral palsy can also… Read more →

Mom Killed Her Daughter With Cerebral Palsy Because She Was Tired of Taking Care of Her

An Illinois women who admitted to killing her disabled daughter with a lethal dose of pills was sentenced to just four years in prison on Wednesday, ABC News 13 reports. Bonnie Liltz, 56, was the primary caregiver for her 27-year-old daughter Courtney who had severe cerebral palsy, according to the report. The Schaumburg, Illinois woman has cancer, and said she thought… Read more →

Let’s Talk About The Cerebral Palsy

Types of Cerebral Palsy: spastic: the most common type of cerebral palsy; reflexes are exaggerated and muscle movement is stiff athetoid cerebral palsy: marked by involuntary, slow, writhing movements. dystonic cerebral palsy: trunk movements are more affected than limb muscles, resulting in a twisted posture ataxic: voluntary muscle movements are not well coordinated hypotonic: muscle tone is decreased or floppy… Read more →

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